Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tour de Fleece

It's here! Again! Fluffy spinning happy time, where everyone on the net and only me in real life are talking about spinning and pretty colors all the time!

Today is day 6, so I've got some catching up to do.

Day 1
This was our last full day in Japan, and we took a train from Kanazawa (you must go there, it's amazing) to Nagoya (where the airport is). We found a sake bar in Nagoya, and ended up hanging out with a group of Japanese guys in their 40's-50's who kept asking us questions in drunken broken english and buying us drinks. It was a pretty awesome night.

Aaaannny way, spinning!

On a train, in Japan. It was pretty awesome. Faux Cashmere on my bird's eye maple spindle.

Day 2
Consisted of 20 hours of travel, going halfway around the world. No spinning occurred as I forgot what day it was.

Day 3
I started with this:
5oz of Shetland in Burnt Orange from Corgi Hill Farm.

Spun half of it:

Day 4
Spun about an hours worth of the second half of Indian Summer (BFL Humbug, CHF). Took an accidental 12 hour nap, missing Pathfinder (sadness!). Jet lag does some weird stuff sometimes.

Day 5
Finished Indian Summer, which is now waiting to be plied.

Day 6 (today)
I will begin by plying Indian Summer into a 2-ply. Weight and yardage to be determined. After that, who knows? I've got a big pile of things to be plied, so I might continue with that.

Happy Spinning!

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