Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sprint: Days 2, 3 and 4

Day 2
Thursday was very quiet. I didn't feel like fixing my drive band, so I didn't. Instead, I worked on some purple BFL on my turkish drop spindle. Didn't get much done, but I did spin! Gamenight kinda fizzled because a lot of people were gone, so Jude and I wandered around Chinatown eating things.

Day 3
Friday was super productive! I fixed the drive band first thing, and then plied the last 2 skeins of singles from my grey fleece. That one felt really good, cause now I'm all caught up on spinning that needed simple finishing. I had to leave to meet Jude for dinner before I got time to ply the sparkle batt, so I wound it into a cake and left it sitting by my wheel while I was gone- medium-sized mistake! I came home to find this on the floor:
It looks a lot worse that it actually was- it turned out to have slipped into 3 sections which made it really easy to rewind (thank goodness!). The suspects:
They deny everything.

Day 4
Isn't over yet, but it's looking pretty good already. I've already spun the singles of one sparkle batt, and I hope to spin and ply at least one more of them today. Besides that I spun up a sample of BFL to remember how to spin it on my wheel before I start working with my 'special stuff.' That will get its own post, I expect. Hint: It's BFL. ;-)

Everytime I prep a sparkle batt it looks like there was a driveby unicorn barf attack:
In the nicest possible way, of course.

I've finished 6 (!) skeins so far:

Someone needs to invent Squish-o-vision pronto, cause I wish I could show you how squooshy the grey ones are. So squooshy!

Before I get back to spinning, I'll just leave you with this ball of adorable:

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