Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sprint: Days 2, 3 and 4

Day 2
Thursday was very quiet. I didn't feel like fixing my drive band, so I didn't. Instead, I worked on some purple BFL on my turkish drop spindle. Didn't get much done, but I did spin! Gamenight kinda fizzled because a lot of people were gone, so Jude and I wandered around Chinatown eating things.

Day 3
Friday was super productive! I fixed the drive band first thing, and then plied the last 2 skeins of singles from my grey fleece. That one felt really good, cause now I'm all caught up on spinning that needed simple finishing. I had to leave to meet Jude for dinner before I got time to ply the sparkle batt, so I wound it into a cake and left it sitting by my wheel while I was gone- medium-sized mistake! I came home to find this on the floor:
It looks a lot worse that it actually was- it turned out to have slipped into 3 sections which made it really easy to rewind (thank goodness!). The suspects:
They deny everything.

Day 4
Isn't over yet, but it's looking pretty good already. I've already spun the singles of one sparkle batt, and I hope to spin and ply at least one more of them today. Besides that I spun up a sample of BFL to remember how to spin it on my wheel before I start working with my 'special stuff.' That will get its own post, I expect. Hint: It's BFL. ;-)

Everytime I prep a sparkle batt it looks like there was a driveby unicorn barf attack:
In the nicest possible way, of course.

I've finished 6 (!) skeins so far:

Someone needs to invent Squish-o-vision pronto, cause I wish I could show you how squooshy the grey ones are. So squooshy!

Before I get back to spinning, I'll just leave you with this ball of adorable:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday I looked at the calendar and saw that there were 7 whole days left in February. This made me realize/remember several things:

1. I like setting smallish challenges for myself based on deadlines (which don't always work out in my favor, but my brain is mean sometimes and likes to give me more reasons to beat myself up over small failures).

2. Various roving type things that live on my bookshelves have been throwing themselves at me as I pass (no cats were involved, even).

3. I didn't bring any spinning with me on our ski trip.

4. I still had access to the internetz to read about spinning, look at pretty pictures of finished spinning projects and generally create desire to play with fluff while I had no access to fluff for over a week.

5. My wheel has been giving me dust-covered sad faces every time I walk by it.

6. Macaroni and Cheese is Really Good.

With the exception of that last one, which was a bit odd, all those reasons made me decide to do a mini spin-a-thon with myself. The rules are simple: expend energy, convert fluff to yarn. Every day. I'm not going to post any goals because my brain is a fickle mistress that changes what it wants to work on every 2.8 seconds. Without further ado, I give you:

Day 1
I started with this on my wheel:
And ended with this:
Corgi Hill Farm merino/bamboo/silk (50/25/25) in Japanese Maple. 2oz of singles spun, to be paired with the other 2oz when I get to it. ~.25oz spun today to finish this half.

2nd, I plied up 2oz of my grey fleece, unknown yardage, 2ply against itself from a center pull ball on my wheel (pics a bit further down).

3rd, I busted out some batts from North Star Alpacas
which are lovely and sparkly and soft and fluffy and I'm pretty sure my 10-yr-old self would totally disown me for even looking at them much less buying them. The batts are a combination of everything under the sun: alpaca, shetland, angora, cormo, tencel, mohair, bfl and sparkle. Lots and lots of sparkle. I had so much fun spinning it up.

So. Much. Fun.

The one I spun up today (I have 5 of them, 6oz total) was this one:
And the singles looked like this:
And the only pictures I have of it plied up are these:

which are not ideal. I still have to figure out how to do close up awesome pictures that capture sparkle and texture. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow.

I was going for lumpy whatever-it-wants-to-do yarn, which I did get with the singles, but after I plied it it evened out like craazy. It's still a bit uneven, but way less than I though it would be. I can't wait to see what the other 4 batts do. I never quite understood the pull of art yarn- from over here it looked like excellent spinners were putting out wonky, weird and not ideally useful skeins- until now. Now I'm totally sold on the idea. It was so much fun to just throw aside my super high expectations of smoothness and precision and just spin loose and dirty and blow through the batt in no time at all. It was a great pick-me-up, and I didn't even need one!

Day 1 Totals: 1.5oz spun, 3.2oz plied, 2 skeins finished, 1 drive band broken.

Now I'm going to go repair my drive band and nom some mac & cheese. Happy fibering!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


NYC has no snow and is disturbingly warm this winter. We like snow (ok, it's mostly me that likes snow, but as a native New Englander I can't help it).

Top of the mountain.

We got tired of waiting for the snow to come to us, so we went looking for it. We found it.

It's SO FLUFFY!!!!!1!!

Turns out you have to go really, really high to find it.

11,160 ft

There was enough for us to ski in, which made us even happier.

Those dots are not us. Those are insane people.

Today is a break day, enforced by the fact that the boys appear to have food poisoning that I somehow dodged. So I'm taking care of them and working on Melpomene. I frogged my Sharktooth because I wasn't feeling it and started this instead:

It's going very well so far. I'm using Malabrigo Sock in Velvet Grapes on size 4 needles.

It seems to be making friends with the local fiber: