Friday, November 18, 2011

An Experiment

I just got this idea, and I'm super excited about it. Ready?

Needle swap.

Confused? That's ok. Work with me here.

I've inherited/been given/acquired through illicit and uneducated means a reasonably large stash of knitting needles. Problem is, they're all either metal or plastic, and I am very decidedly not a fan. I work almost exclusively with wooden (mostly bamboo) needles, the only exception being very small ones (size 1 US and under) which become completely unstable in wood form.

Now, I happen to know that there are plenty of people out there who have the same feelings towards metal or plastic needles who might have wooden ones that they hate. This idea is for you guys.

I would like to transform my stash of 'unusable' needles into totally usable ones, with your help. I propose a 1-1 exchange with the following things being '1':

  • One set of 2 straight needles
  • One circular needle
  • One set of 4 or 5 dpns

In a perfect world of exchanges, I could give away all these straights and get circulars or dpns in the same size, but getting straights back will be ok in a pinch.

So, is anyone interested? Please comment here or pm me on Ravelry (Riven921). I'll get started making a list of everything I have, to be posted in the future, assuming interest.

P.S.- If you're in the Burlington/Middlebury VT area in the next week and a half we could meet up to exchange needles instead of mailing them!

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