Friday, May 27, 2011

A Study of Neglected Projects in their Natural Habitats


This past week has been trying for my poor knitting projects. My wrists have been complaining bitterly, so I’ve had to take some time off. Apparently, only pain will get me to stop knitting (and even then, not really) and give you a blog post.

The following pictures have not been modified in any way, including moving projects to better lighting, giving you a series of snapshots into my life and habits as a (completely disorganized) knitter.


Damson, by Ysolda in Rowan Purelife DK, chillin’ with my niddy-noddy by the window.


Citron, by Hilary Smith Callis with Malabrigo Lace, on top of the yarn bin by the bed.


Corona by Canary Knits, with Dream In Color Classy. Less than 6” left to go on the hood, it lives in my bag and comes with me almost everywhere in hopes of getting finished.


Finished projects awaiting finishing touches, hanging out on the board game shelf (top to bottom)- First half of the merino roving that I got from Mind’s Eye Yarn in Boston, waiting for the other half to be finished. Op Art baby blanket, blocked, waiting for ends to be woven in and gifted. Pi Shawl, blocked, waiting for ends to be woven in.


Bits and pieces of fleece waiting to be washed, separated or carded.

My mother is coming to visit for a few days, and she’ll be bringing a whole alpaca fleece with her, so I have to get my a$$ in gear to make room for it.


Good thing my wheel’s empty, huh?


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good news, everyone!

My Etsy store is officially open for business!

That's right- you can now get yourself those fancy glow-in-the-dark stitch markers you've always wanted.

Sneak Peak!
With lovelies such as these to dress up your knitting, why would you ever use plain ones again? Especially when they glow in the dark, so you can knit anywhere.

Most of the sets I make will be one of a kind, so if you like them, grab 'em!

I'll be updating the shop with new sets every week or so. Questions and comments gladly accepted.

Happy shopping! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

CT Sheep and Wool

This past weekend I went to the CT Sheep & Wool Festival. As you all probably know, sheep and wool fests are very dangerous- to the bodily warmth of sheep, to your wallet, to your collection of pets, and to your stash (in the positive sense). To make it a little bit safer, I have a couple rules for myself:
1. Cash only. If it's in my wallet or pockets and it's cash, it's fair game. Sometimes I leave my cards at home, just in case.
2. No yarn. There are about 15 awesome yarn stores within 8 miles of me, plus the internet. Spinning material (besides the internet) is much more difficult to come by.

Once those 'safety nets' are in place, the rest of it is pure fun and sheepy goodness. Now, for the pictures:

There were alpacas:

Sad alpacas:
Fuzzywuzzywittlebunnykins(it took a ton of strength not to stuff one in my pocket and run):
Partially naked sheep:
Miniature sheep (old english babydoll southdowns, they live here):
kewtwiddlesoftprettybaby goats:
At lunch time I spread all my stuff out under this awesome tree for a photo shoot:
My shawl won first place in the fiber arts contest (unexpected, pretty snazzy):
There were sheepdog trials:
I bought a fleece (Coopworth/Jacob/Karakul cross). It's lovely and multi-toned, mostly in greys with a little bit of black. I found 3 distinct shades of grey in it. It weighs 4.5 lbs (raw) which I thought would be a manageable amount for me to hand process, compared to most of the other fleeces (which were around 10 lbs each).

My total haul for the day was about 7 lbs of wool (4.5lbs fleece, 1lb babydoll roving, 1lb alpaca roving, 1/2lb alpaca/silk/romney purple roving), and a broom. It's a very nice broom. I'll get you a picture of it.

While I was in CT, I decided to start a garden. Just a little one, with plants that don't need any attention because I'm only going to be there every couple of weeks, and great-gramps doesn't want to take care of it (just eat everything that comes out of it). So far I've planted thyme, leaf lettuce and broccoli. Isn't it cute?