Wednesday, January 19, 2011

National Knit Mittens Month '11

NaKniMitMo11 is underway. Well underway, actually, seeing as it started at the beginning of January. I hope to have at least one, maybe two, or even three (if I really race) pairs of mittens done by the end of the month. I'm about half way done.

First up, half a pair of fingerless Bella Mitt(en)s, awaiting some minor finishing details (like a thumb), and its other half.

Next (as the most likely 'third option'), a pile of string that aspires to be a smitten:
I was serious about the 'pile of string' part.

Last, and most awesome (if I do say so myself), is this guy:

I am incredibly proud of this one, for multiple reasons. One, it's stranded colorwork, which I haven't done before. Two, I finished it, woven in ends, blocking and all. Three, it fits me. In these pics it is drying on top of my heater. I'm calling it/them my Totoro Manners mittens, because I got the yarn (Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport) for Totoro mitts, but I'm using the Mystery | Manners pattern. I'm mildly tempted to play with yarn dominance for the other mitten, but I don't know if I'll actually wear them if I do.

As for the spinning world, the Tour Down Under is happening this week- which, apparently, is the first big race of the cycling season. I don't know anything about bike racing except that it exists and that the Tour de France is a big deal. So big, in fact, that it has its own spin-a-long spinoff- the Tour de Fleece. Because the TdF is a ways off, and I wanted to spin now, I decided to have my own mini spinalong for the TDU. It's going  well so far. I finished this:

It is some amount of alpaca (probably greater than 1 ounce, and less than 3 ounces), 2 plied to an equally unknown yardage. The plying was accomplished with the help of Jude- he worked the wheel while I fought with both ends of a center pull ball. Much fun was had, and the yarn came out quite nicely. I intend to get his help in all future plying adventures.

I attempted to dye some of my roving purple:

That went well, as you can see. That's 1 ounce of merino roving, first dyed with Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid, then overdyed with Cherry Kool-Aid. The colors are a bit off in the picture- the light bits are vaguely purpleish, and it's mostly hovering around a muted magenta. Nerk. Next time, I think either a darker blue or a lighter red shall be used.

Anyway, back to the wheel. Do you create ...-a-longs for yourself?