Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spinning and Christmas

I was just informed by the lovely Harlot that there are only 18 days until Christmas. I have to admit, it did make me panic for a minute, until I remembered that I gave up Christmas.

Oh, yes, right. *ahem*

To Whom It May Concern,
be ye hereby informed that I, Stirling (also known as 'that crazy knitting one'), do renounce and disregard Christmas as a gift-giving holiday. As I expect that this announcement will probably surprise, annoy and confuse you, here are my reasons and some guidelines for future conduct:

  • Reason, the 1st: I would rather spend happy times with friends, family and food than stressful, unhappy times hiding in a closet frantically trying to finish and wrap all of this (and future) years presents.
  • Reason, the 2nd: As a crafty person that views buying pre-made gifts as a sign of weak character (only in myself, not other people), I'm saving myself a lot of sanity.
  • Reason, the 3rd: There is not enough time in the world to make 25 hand-knit things for close family members, never minding any friends, that all have the same deadline. (Unless someone is hiding a TARDIS somewhere...)
  • Guideline, the 1st: Thou shalt not expect anything other than baked goods and hugs at Christmas.
  • Guideline, the 2nd: Unless you have a burning need to guilt me into something, I do not expect anything at Christmas.
  • Guideline, the 3rd: Birthdays are fair game.
Question: does anyone know if moths eat alpaca? If they do, I've got some panicking to do.

Speaking of alpaca, and Christmas, I do have one amendment to make. I was gifted an alpaca fleece this past summer, and promised to return some of it in a slightly more usable format this year. As such, I am spending this week spinning. I even have some incredibly bad laptop-cam pictures to prove it:

1 oz. alpaca/silk, ~150-200 yards

That last one isn't the alpaca in question, but it is alpaca/silk, and I did spin it this week. 

The white fluff is the alpaca in question. Hand washed, hand drum carded, undyed white 100% alpaca, from Vermont somewhere. It's been a dream to spin. I think you could call me a 'loose' spinner- I'm mostly self taught, and my wheel is about 150 years old, only has 1 bobbin and 1speed. As a result, I just spin whatever the fiber wants to be, and I have to get creative if I want to ply anything (my first attempt involved a chair back, a niddy noddy, much swearing and 3 days to ply 270 yards). My point being, I don't really know what the resulting alpaca yarn is. I intend to 2 ply it, and the singles are somewhere around sock weight. Both ends of the sock weight spectrum. Whatever the fiber wants to do, really.

More updates and actual pictures at a later date. Back to the wheel!

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