Sunday, September 19, 2010

O.o New Blog!

Hello non-existent audience! 

Welcome to my new blog. It shall be for knitting. More specifically, things that I knit and want to show off, or ramblings of a knitty kind.  Side effects of this blog include: writing practice, more pictures taken of the things I make, possible boredom/sleepiness on the part of the internet and fewer crazy outbursts from me in real life.

As I have found it difficult to separate my knitting from my cats, you will probably be seeing them from time to time. Like now!

Flow, complete with hoodie
Isn't she adorable when she hates me? I thought so too. The hoodie is here (rav). It took me about a day to make, using about 1/2 skein of Reynolds Lopi (blue), and an unknown about of leftovers of some Lamb's Pride Bulky (gold). Very cute, lots of fun, and I suspect that many people who enjoy things of this nature will be getting them for Christmas.

I do hope that I have inspired all you gnomes out there to start torturing cats with knit-wear ASAP. Good luck!

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